Saturdays (monthly) 1:30pm – 3pm, sometimes 3pm – 5pm
Gold Coast Central Church

Adventurers is a Club for children in aged 4 – 9 (Grade 4). Throughout the year children learn about four main categories: My God, My Self, My Family & My Community.  There are also many activities (“awards”) in sports, nature health, safety, arts, and homecrafts. Some activities may run on a Sunday or over the weekend.

There is also a focus on service and working with the Adventurers on living their lives with the needs of others in mind.  In line with this some Clubs choose to be involved in events such as: Anzac Day; Clean-up Australia Day; and other service oriented activities.

A Place for Parents

Adventurers is a program designed to support the child, and the family unit that they are a part of.  As such, we encourage you as their caregiver to come along and participate with your child.  There are many ways that you can be involved and be a part of the fun.

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Adventurer Sign Up Notice 2021

Gold Coast Central Adventurer Club Calendar 2021

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