Want to reach more people for Christ?

Sometimes we may find that our ministries are not very effective. They may be active and keep people busy, but when was the last time they actually let someone to join your church?

Sometimes they lack one or more key planks needed to build out a complete bridge from the community to church membership–or they are not focused enough in a specific target audience.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Right now, enrollment is open for the FAST Missions Unleashed Ministry class, which we’ll be running as a live training event later this month. It will walk you through the whole strategic planning process from start to finish.

You’ll learn how to analyze exactly why your existing ministry is not working. Or can build out a comprehensive ministry plan for any new idea you want to try. In fact, I’ll be working right along side you in launching something brand new myself.

But enrollment closes soon. In fact, this is the LAST weekend to get word out to friends and church leaders. If you know someone who longs to be more effective at reaching people for Christ, please forward this email to them, or invite them in person to sign up.

Our Unleashed Ministry Model
Gives 7 powerful keys to success




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