Next Steps


Are you thinking about Baptism, or just curious about what it involves?

Contact us and one of our dedicated pastors will get in touch with you shortly.

Bible Studies

Whether you are new to the Bible, or been studying it for decades, we have a wide variety of resources that will deepen your understanding of this amazing holy book.

Looking for a group to study the Bible with?

More interested in one to one Bible studies with a pastor/bible worker?

Contact us so we can get you connected to the right person/resources.

We are also partners of FAST Missions, a global ministry that aims to help people climb higher in their walk with God. Contact us to get in touch with our local FAST coach/representative.


Volunteering through service to others is a highly fulfilling activity that blesses the giver as much as it does the receiver.

At Gold Coast Central, we have many options for anyone looking to serve our community with their varied gifts and talents.

Contact us to find out more.