Gold Coast Live More Project
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Did you know that happy people live longer? It’s true – it’s a well-researched fact!

You can live happier, longer and ultimately enjoy a flourishing life – the “Live More Project” can show you how!

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Created and presented by Dr Darren Morton, a renowned lifestyle medicine expert, the “Live More Project” is an innovative program packed with simple and practical strategies designed to help you boost your emotional well-being and truly flourish!

View promo video by Dr Darren Morton here.

In 10 entertaining and dynamic audio-visual sessions, Dr Darren shares scientifically proven principles, from the fields of Neuroscience, Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology! The program is packed with practical pointers to give your mental well-being a real ‘lift’ and help you thrive.

The Live More Project is for EVERYBODY – it’s highly engaging, fun and informative! No matter what state of health you are currently in, this program can help you and truly enhance your well-being!


Choose the venue that best suits you:

Gold Coast SDA Church & Life Development Centre

67 Warrener Street, Nerang
Monday 10am & 7pm


Coastlife Adventist Church

120 Mudgeeraba Road (Mosaic Baptist Church), Mudgeeraba
Wednesday 7pm



Monday, July 15 (Nerang)

Wednesday, July 17 (Mudgeeraba)

The program will continue every week for 10 weeks, finishing in mid-September

3 identical sessions weekly!

Monday 10 – 11am or 7 – 8pm (Nerang)

Wednesday 7 – 8pm (Mudgeeraba)

(Note: Monday morning sessions include an optional chat & cuppa afterwards from 11.00 – 11.30 am while little ones play)

What if I can’t make it to a meeting? 

Going away…?

Kids are sick…?

We know life sometimes gets a bit crazy… When you are unable to attend either of the scheduled ‘real time’ sessions you will be able to catch up with the content online, on your computer, or via an app for tablets and smartphones. All you will need is an internet connection and personal login details that will be provided after payment.

No need to miss out!


EVERYONE is welcome and invited!

The content of the Live More Project may interest upper primary school aged children and all ages up to 99 and beyond! See short video here for a snippet of what to expect.

Little Ones (0-5 years)

A little one’s play area with quiet toys will be provided during the morning sessions (Nerang venue). The play area will be in the same auditorium as parents.

Children & Teens (5-17 years)

We welcome children and teens to enjoy the full program (due to regulations, online questionnaires and access are not available to those under 18 years).

Adults (18+)

Enjoy the full program and unlimited online access to all presentations.

Previous Participants from 2018

Come along and ‘refresh’ your memory on all that you learned last year!


0-5 year olds: FREE

5-17 year olds: $10 single payment or weekly gold coin donation (to assist with catering only) 


  • $75 – Single person registration 
  • $110 – Couple
  • $55 – Per person if two or more adult family members from one household register

Previous Attendees: $10 single payment or weekly gold coin donation (to assist with catering only)

Note: When you “Register your interest” on this website no payment is required. Adults who “Register your interest” will be sent a link by email inviting them to activate website registration and make payment. All other age-groups may pay by cash at the venue. To reserve a seat for children, teens or previous attendees, please phone or send a SMS to Mel: 0405 445 151 (Email:


Registration is easy and doesn’t take long:

  1. Click the “Register Interest” button below to leave us your details.
  2. We will send you a personal email invitation and SMS alert, inviting you to register onto the website (for paying adults).
  3. Come to Session 1 at the Life Development Centre, 67 Warrener Street, Nerang on Monday, July 15 (10 am or 7 pm) or come to the Coastlife Adventist Church venue (Mosaic Baptist Church), 120 Mudgeeraba Road, Mudgeeraba on Wednesday July 17 (7 pm).

Technical help:  Phone/SMS Mel 0405 445 151 (Email:

Note:  Your mobile phone number and email address will be guarded carefully and never shared with others.


I am a mother of 5 young children and just recently conquered breast cancer. I found the content of this course to be extremely helpful and effective for my healing. Besides Dr Darren and his sidekick being funny, I found the challenges simple enough to implement but most importantly when applied they worked. I can honestly say that this course is of benefit to everyone, especially to those trying to regain good health as most of it begins just here. Before I was diagnosed, I can tell you I wasn’t applying any of these principles in my life because I didn’t know them or understand their importance. But now I do, thanks to Dr Darren and the Live More team. Absolutely LOVED it and highly recommend it!

Jacqui S.

What I like most about the “Live More Project” is how it helps to embed the principles of a happy, healthy lifestyle using small consistent steps. The daily and weekly challenges helped me to stay on track in a fun way.

I was amazed that I was able to slowly increase the duration of my sleep from a maximum of 6 hours up to 8 hours per night without experiencing the debilitation fibromyalgia pain I have been living with for over 20 years. I believe the synergy of the whole “Live More Project” has the potential to make an amazing difference! As an added bonus, I even shed a few kilos simply from applying the nutritious eating principle.

Thank you, Dr Darren for this amazing project and making it available to all who would like to give their lives a lift!

Meryl S.


We are delighted you are interested in joining the “Live More Project”!

The main method of communication will be by SMS messages, however the link for adults to register online will be sent via email. At no time will your email or phone details be shared with any other entity.

If there are two adults (e.g. a couple) interested in attending, please fill out a separate form for each adult with a separate email address.


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