General Questions

Why do we need allocated (ticketed) seating?

Having allocated seating allows us to fill our venue to maximum capacity so that more people can be blessed by in-person events. For those at home or on the beach – join us live via Facebook 🙂

When will seat tickets be available?

Seat tickets are usually available by Monday night prior to the Sabbath Worship Service. Sometimes circumstances like a public holiday or other events may cause a delay, and, in this case, they would not be available until Tuesday.

How do I find out how many seats are left in a row?

Church Center App:

Scroll to the bottom of the registration screen (under the seating map) and it tells you how many seats are available are in a row. You can swipe left or right to find the section you are after. Check this before you start choosing the row for your family to sit in. Sometimes those seats are not all together in the row. If you’re still having trouble finding seats together, especially for a group of people, please contact Chantelle on 0416 365 364.


See the “Attendee Types” section on the right side of the screen.

When will my seat selection be processed and how will I receive confirmation that my seat has been booked?

Once you complete the seat selection and registration process online your ticket will be processed immediately. A confirmation email will be sent within 5 minutes to the email address provided at the time of selection. Information in the email will include your row and seat number, date, and time.

How many tickets can I book?

You can book as many tickets as you like – as long as there are seats available.

Can I book for somebody else?

Yes. You can acquire a ticket for somebody else but must provide all the required contact details for that person as this is required for contact tracing. These are: first name, last name, email (or address), and phone number. You may do this in the Church Center app by clicking on ‘+ Add someone else’.

I have already booked in. Can I book for somebody else?

Yes. If you go to ‘REGISTER’ on the Church Center app you can choose ‘Register again’ and under the list of registered people, click ‘+ Add someone else’.
Do not click the box ‘This person is in my household’ unless they live with you.

Do I have to make the COVID declaration to obtain a ticket?

Yes. Tickets are only issued after the COVID declaration has been made. This requirement helps ensure the wellbeing of everyone attending.

Life Group Bookings

Do I need to book for Sabbath School Life Groups?

Yes. All adults and children must book for Sabbath School Life Groups as well as Church Worship Service as per our COVID Safe plan. To book, you need to select the appropriate event and follow the instructions.

You will need to choose which group each attendee will be going to. Many of our groups are restricted by numbers in the rooms, so please do not be disappointed if there is no space and you need to join another group.

For assistance with children’s groups that may be full, please contact Chantelle Pratt via mobile: 0416 365 364. There are often last-minute cancellations, and it is likely there will be a spot for you/your child.

I am new and don’t know which Life Group to attend.

All children’s classes/Life Groups have an age group, so it’s easy for you to choose the right group for your young one.

For adults, you may want to join the Parents Connect group in the foyer. This is a casual place to meet other parents or speak with our volunteers who can tell you more about the other Life Groups available. There is no bible study component at Parents Connect, as the focus is on meeting people and getting to know each other. 

You are welcome to join any of the other Life Groups that have a study component if that is your interest. A list of available Life Groups can be found in our Church Center app under ‘GROUPS’ or on our website.

Cancelling a Ticket

Do I need to cancel my ticket? Can’t I just not turn up?

Yes, please cancel your ticket. We are restricted by numbers both in our Life Groups and Church Worship events. So, to enable someone else to take your place, it would be greatly appreciated if you could cancel your ticket and make it available for someone else to book. If you can’t do it online, on your Church Center app or via our Registrations webpage, please contact Chantelle Pratt on mobile: 0416 365 364.

Can I change my seat ticket after receiving a confirmation email?

No. You cannot do this process yourself unless you cancel your previous booking (see instructions below) and then re-book new tickets in new allocated seats. You can contact Chantelle Pratt by text (0416 365 364) or email (chantelle@centraladventist.church) with the details of which tickets and event you would like to change and what changes are to be made.

Can I give my seat ticket to another person to use due to me being unavailable?

No. Each ticket has been assigned to a person and to a seat to adhere to COVID-19 requirements.

Who do I notify to cancel my seat ticket?

The steps to cancelling your ticket via the Church Center app are as follows:

  1. Choose the event you wish to cancel
  2. Click on ‘View registration
  3. Click ‘Cancel online’ at the bottom of the registration.

If you cannot cancel your registration yourself, you can contact Chantelle Pratt by text (0416 365 364) or email (chantelle@centraladventist.church) with the details of which ticket you would like to cancel.


When is the latest that I can cancel my seat ticket?

You can cancel your ticket any time before the event. The earlier the better to allow others to attend if you are unable.

Arriving at Church 

Do I need to bring my ticket?

Yes. There are 2 ways. 

Method 1: Church Center app QR Code  

  • If you have the Church Center app, just present your QR code for entry.
  • Open up your QR code by choosing ‘Check-in’ on the Church Center app and following the steps.
  • Scan your QR code with a guest services volunteer at the door. 

Method 2: Evidence of Registration

  • Print or take a screen shot of your registration confirmation for the Life Group and/or Worship Service event and present this to our guest services volunteers at the door.
  • You will need to show the section of your registration that displays your seat number to the guest services volunteer.
  • Your Evidence of Registration can be either a printed copy of your confirmation email, or a digital copy shown on your phone.
  • You can also access your registration information on the Church Center app by clicking on ‘REGISTRATION’ and then ‘View registration’ to show your seat number. If you do not present your seat number, you will need to wait in line to see an usher for manual verification.
Where do I go on arrival at Church?

You will need to enter the church through the main entry (glass doors at main foyer) as this is the only place to scan your QR code or be manually checked in.

Can I enter the church through any door?

No. You must enter through the main foyer doors to the church for the registration process to ensure that we meet our obligations. Entry through any other doors is not permitted.

What should I expect at ticket verification?

You will be greeted by guest services volunteers who will ask whether you have the Church Center app or evidence of registration (paper or electronic).
If you have the Church Center app and have completed your check-in electronically, you will be directed to the fast registration lane where you can scan the QR code.
If you have not registered for a ticket, you will be directed to the slow registration lane where you can register yourself for a ticket. Please note you will not be allowed to enter until you have been allocated a ticketed seat, provided all contact details for each person, and completed the required COVID-19 declaration. This can be quite time consuming at the entry doors, so please be patient as the line may move slowly.

Can I enter the church without providing necessary contact details and the COVID-19 declaration?

No. You will be refused entry if you do not have a seat allocated.

Do I have to sit in my assigned seat?

Yes. It is a requirement of our COVID Safe plan that we know where people are sitting on the day so that contact tracing can occur efficiently based on proximity. Also, when other people come, you may be sitting in their seat, which means a game of musical chairs and various changes to registration information, which detracts from the positive experience we want everyone to have at church.

What if someone is sitting in my seat?

You should politely advise them that they are in your seat and ask that they move to their allocated seat. If there is a mix-up with seating allocation, then please ask an usher to assist.

How can I find my section, seat, and row number?
  • Everything in our church works from left to right.
  • Section A is on the far left when you walk in and Section D is on the far right.
  • The row numbers are in large print and labelled at the end of the rows with row 1 being at the front of the church.
  • Seat numbers also go left to right.
  • Seat 1 is always on the left end of the row when standing at the back of the church. For example, Section A, Row 4, and Seat one would be the far-left section, 4 rows from the front and seat 1 is right next to the wall.
  • Your seat number tag is adhered to the BACK of the seat you sit on, not on the seat in front as some seats do not have a seat in front of them.
How do I identify a volunteer to assist with registration and seating?

Guest services ushers/volunteers have a black ‘How can I help you?’ t-shirt and name tags with orange print for help with identification.

Can I change seats during the event?

No, you must always sit in your allocated seat for the event.

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