Our Story

Our church has its roots in a group of believers who started gathering on the Gold Coast in 1926. This group expanded to a series of house churches and official became a church in 1950. In their first year, this passionate group of Jesus-Followers grew from 25 to 48 members!

Since then, our community has continued to grow, meeting on three different campuses and planting two new church groups on the Gold Coast. Today, there are six Seventh-day Adventist Churches meeting weekly on the Gold Coast.

We currently meet in our own facility (built in 2009) which we call the Gold Coast Life Development Centre. This facility has two Auditoriums where we worship together every Saturday and a series of classrooms used for smaller group discussion and Bible Study.

God has been leading our community in a powerful way since 1926 and is continuing to lead us into the future. We dream of a church that is intergenerational, transforming people by the power of Jesus through all stages of life. As a result of constant prayer and Spirit-led initiatives, almost 500 people now consider Central ‘home’. We have over 370 official members and a weekly attendance of anywhere from 250-350 people.

We want to invite you to be a part of God’s unfolding story on the Gold Coast through our church and trust that journeying with us through our Growth track will be a tremendous blessing in your personal walk with Jesus.

Check out our building expansion plans here

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