gold coast
central church

We are a vibrant, family oriented Seventh-day Adventist church that seeks to impact people across all generations and walks of life. Jesus is the name we lift above all others and we seek to follow Him in everything we do.

Our core focus

We believe that there are three core things we all need in life: Something that tells us who we are, that grounds us and gives us perspective in the harshest storms of life; Somewhere to belong, where we can find ourselves in a community that accepts us and loves us; And something we’re called to that gives our lives a purpose and meaning beyond just ourselves. We believe the answer to all three is found in Jesus.

Spiritually Grounded

OUR BELIEF is when Jesus is at the centre of your life – everything changes.

Socially Inclusive

OUR COMMITMENT is no matter your race, creed, generation, or background, you’re part of our family.

Mission Focused

OUR CALLING is to make more followers of Jesus who make more followers of Jesus.

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